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NEW: International House of Burgers: 'IHOP' becomes 'IHOb'


UPDATE (ABC News) - After 60 years as IHOP, the International House of Pancakes has a new, burger-centric name.

In a tweet on Monday, the chain revealed that the "b" in the previously announced name change stands for "burgers."

Though the restaurant may be dropping the "P" from its name, it promised that the pancakes on its menu aren't going anywhere and reassured skeptical followers that the name change was legitimately happening. The change is even reflected in the restaurant's Twitter handle, which is now @IHOb.

When the change was announced, many social media users had guessed that the "b" might stand for "breakfast" or "brunch."

Among the burgers now available are Big Brunch, Cowboy BBQ, Mushroom Swiss, Jalapeno Kick and Mega Monster.

(CNN) - IHOP tweeted and posted to its Facebook page on Tuesday that it plans to "flip" the "P" in its name on June 11.

The announcement clearly got people talking. People started to wonder if the b stood for breakfast, brunch or bacon, which would make sense.

However, some had more amusing suggestions, such as broccoli, burritos, bitcoin and even breakdancing.

The IHOP social media team was clearly having fun with the speculation -- and it came up with some goofy suggestions of their own for people to vote on in a Twitter poll, such as butternut squash and barnacles.

Is this just a short-term marketing gimmick?

Spokespeople for IHOP and Dine Brands (DIN), the restaurant company that owns IHOP as well as Applebee's, were not immediately available for comment.

It's not as if Dine Brands needs to reinvent the company. The stock is up nearly 25 percent this year because sales are growing at both IHOP and Applebee's.

Some people speculated on Twitter and Facebook that this could simply be a fun way to reintroduce pineapple upside down pancakes to the menu.

It's also hard to imagine why the company would want to mess with a name that's so well-known and beloved. It would also likely cost a big stack of pancakes (bancakes?) to change restaurant signs and menus at the nearly 1,800 IHOP restaurants.

The IHOP social media team was quick to reassure fans, responding to users with b-themed messages like "there are o-b-viously so many possi-b-ilities," "No need to b stressed, this is going to b great!" and "brebare yourself for something awesome."

For what it's worth, there are currently no live trademark requests filed for IHOB with the United States Patent and Trademark Office -- just two dead filings for companies looking to trademark IHOB for barbecue restaurants.

The domain name on the other hand is registered to IHOP Restaurants LLC.

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