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YMCA to purchase Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center


Eau Claire (WQOW) -- The Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center could soon be under new ownership, as the YMCA plans to purchase the building.

The YMCA told News 18 they eyed the sports center because they have a need for space to accommodate their programs, primarily their gymnastics program, which right now has no permanent home. The sports center agreed to the merger because it would continue to fulfill their commitment to the community.

With this merger, the sports programs offered by the sports center will continue, and some of the events will as well. Both the YMCA and the sports center agreed this is a positive move for the community.

"It's building upon programs that we both had, bringing them together and strengthening them," said Amy Peterson-Foss, executive director of the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center. "I think that's what the Eau Claire community has really been about."

"Recreation like this community complex, and with ourselves at the YMCA, this offers the opportunity to become engaged together and participate together in programs and classes," said Theresa Hillis, executive director of the YMCA.

Both Hillis and Peterson-Foss hope the city will allow the pending purchase. The City of Eau Claire has the 'right of first refusal', which means the city could instead purchase the building, not allowing the YMCA to do so. However, the city told News 18 they will take up the pending purchase at their council meeting next Tuesday, and proceed from there.

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