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Should armed volunteers be in schools?


Eau Claire (WQOW) - A former state senator believes schools should have armed volunteers to help protect students.

David Zien hopes one day people like former veterans will be allowed to volunteer as armed guards. Zien said if this ever became law, they would need to do screenings to make sure the volunteers are capable of protecting students. 

He believes this would keep tragedies from happening. 

"Had this been in affect some of these school shootings would have been a lot less lethal, and future ones would be of course a lot less lethal," said Zien.

Zien said as for the funding for these armed volunteers, he hopes veteran organizations would help fund it. He said right now this is just an idea, but said now is a good time to start talking about it with the primary coming up. 

Even though he's not in office anymore, he's had some luck getting his ideas off the ground, and is a big veterans advocate. 

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