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Eau Claire police give early warning about fireworks ordinances


Eau Claire (WQOW) -- The 4th of July is still a few weeks away, but police are being proactive, saying they're cracking down on fireworks violations this year with a zero tolerance policy.

Eau Claire police told News 18 the closer we get to the 4th, the more calls come into their communications center, not only bogging down the dispatchers, but also increasing the workload for officers. Both dispatchers and police say they understand how fireworks can be a nuisance, but need clear information from you before they are able to send and officer.

"It's definitely something we want the community to be actively involved in and play a role to assist us in solving the problems," said Dena Clark, manager of Eau Claire's Communications Center. "We do understand and respect that fireworks can be a problem and it is a disturbance and we want to work with the community to make sure we're taking care of these issues."

Police also said just because there are rules about fireworks in the city, you shouldn't be discouraged from using them legally, or attending events with them. They said it's more about consideration for your neighbors.

"There is a safety risk there and there's also a disturbance to other people, and you have to think about others," said Eau Claire officer, Kyle Roder. "So, that's why there are licenses for places to shoot off fireworks, that's why you have to have that license to be legal."

Roder also said the police department has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to fireworks violations, and you will receive a fine if you break a city ordinance. For more information on those ordinances, click here (Chapter 9.32: Fireworks and Firearms).

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