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Acrobatic pilot tests his wings ahead of weekend show


Eau Claire (WQOW)-  Michael Wiskus grew upon a farm in Iowa, but never wanted to be a farmer, he's always wanted to be a pilot. 

"Rode my bike out to the airport when I was 13 asking for a job to wash airplanes, and they said I couldn't do it until i was 15. So, I went out there when I was 14 and told them I was 15, got a job and been playing with airplanes ever since," Wiskus said, 

Wiskus got his pilot license at 17, so I knew I was in good hands when we took me on a ride I will never forget. 

"Flying is much more relaxed, you don't have the traffic, you don't have all the things you have to watch out for. The flying side is such a freedom," Wiskus said.

Wiskus said he was taught aerobatics from the get-go.

"All these older guys that had airplanes would take me up in the airplanes and they'd introduce me to some of this stuff, and some of those guys were aerobatic airplanes, or aerobatic pilots and yeah that was so cool, so yeah my whole life I've done aerobatics. I don't know anything different," said Wiskus. 

"In an airplane like this, you'll be flying along and if you just get that urge you just pull the nose up crank the controls to the left and give yourself a nice beautiful roll and watch the world go around," said Wiskus. 

Wiskus will perform in three flights this weekend in a different aircraft called the Lucas Oil Pit, it's a rare aircraft - one of only three ever built. 

He said this aircraft will let him do even more acrobatics like somersaults in the air. 

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