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Airshow and fireworks could negatively impact veterans


Eau Claire (WQOW) - You've probably been hearing the sounds of the airshow as the pilots practice, but this can be stressful for adults and kids with special needs and veterans with PTSD.

A veteran told News 18, as the aircrafts take flight this weekend, they could bring back troubling memories for veterans. 

PTSD, a condition common among veterans, is often triggered by loud and sudden noises. 

Sounds of aircrafts soaring through the sky could negatively impact veterans by bringing back traumatic war-time memories.

"I believe with your loud sounds, with your jets and stuff, (it) could probably bring back memories of close air support bombing and so forth with the air shows, and with the technology we got today it's a little bit different than it was 50 years ago, but its pretty much the same concept," said veteran Gary Nesgooda.

Nesgooda said fireworks can be an issue too.

He said large firework shows can sound like rockets, and cause anxiety for vets with PTSD.

Nesgooda said PTSD can take years to overcome, but there are ways to cope during firework season. 

He suggests leaving and watching the fireworks, or airshow, from afar. 

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