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Why Metal Instead of Shingles?

Why consider a "Stone - Coated" metal roof tile instead of asphalt shingles?


There is not an asphalt shingle on the market that can duplicate the bold and rich look of Gerard "Stone-Coated" metal tile installed by Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing LLC.

With six styles and over 20 standard colors, your roof will be unique. Why would you want the same style roof as your neighbor down the street when you can have the roof you desire without compromise?

Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing can install a metal roof that can emulate the rough look of cedar shakes without fire hazards, bugs or rotting, and can also emulate the rich look of Tile without the high cost or weight.


Asphalt shingles are attached directly to the roof deck, which allows direct heat transmission into the space below. This causes high attic or ceiling temperatures, resulting in higher air conditioning costs. Since all building materials will expand and contract, wrinkles and splits can occur in the asphalt shingles due to direct attachment.

Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing tiles are attached to the deck also but have an air space between the tile and the deck.  This allows the area to "breathe", the results are lower attic and ceiling temperatures (approximately 30%) and lower air conditioning costs. The air space also allows for a more constant temperature range during winter months reducing ice damming.


Asphalt shingles carry a limited warranty of up to 3 - 50 years. Most are pro-rated (declining value) and are nontransferable.

Bjorkstrand Metal Roofing installed roof carries a 50 year, Transferable, non-prorated (replacement value) warranty. This warranty is transferable, which is a highly desirable benefit when selling your home.


Although the initial cost of a Bjorkstrand Metal roof is more, the overall cost over the years is less. This, along with the savings on air conditioning costs and limited maintenance throughout the years and insurance discounts, makes a metal roof a real bargain.

A Bjorkstrand installed roof will add present day value as well as added resale value.  A metal roof is an investment in your home-an asphalt shingle roof is a future expense, we call metal INVESTMENT GRADE ROOFING.


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