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Clearly Digital - How To Hook Up Your VCR To Work With Your New Converter Box


(WQOW) - This question can get a little complicated: How do I set up my VCR to work along with my new converter box? 

We've talked about the converter box, the tv and the antenna, now we want to introduce a new piece to the puzzle, and that's the VCR.  

This set up is easiest to understand if you place your antenna on the top, our converter box feeding directly into the VCR underneath, and from the VCR to feed your television set on the bottom. 

The two types of hook-ups you can use are RCA connectors and coax connectors.   The simplest way to recorder a program while you're watching or to set it up to record while your gone is to use the coax cables.  

To do this, remove the coax cables from the VCR and connect it to the converter box coming "from your antenna". The last step is to take your new coax cable that came with your converter box and feed the signal from the output of your converter box to the input of the VCR.  

While this might seem a little complicated we're just taking the new DTV signal from the indoor antenna feeding it to the converter box through the coax cable into your VCR then the VCR feeds channel 3 into your TV set.  

The wiring configuration can get a little complicated if you want to watch one program while recording another at the same time.   For that you will need 2 converter boxes.   One converter box to feed the analog VCR and another to feed your TV set.  

If you have questions about the digital transition, you can  email them to or you can send them the old fashioned way to:  News 18, attn: DTV, 5545 hwy 93, Eau Claire, WI 54701.

Something else that may help answer all of your questions, a DTV test.   It's something we're doing for you this Thursday night  at 6:28 p.m.  

At the end of our 6 p.m. newscast, we will be turning off our analog signal.  

We've already been broadcasting in digital for five years so if you see no change,  it means you're ready for the digital transition in February.   If you're not ready, you will see a fail message pop up on your screen.  

Following the test, we will be opening up the phone lines to answer your questions.   For two and a half hours that night we will have staff, engineers and broadcaster providers standing by to answer your questions.    Again, the test is Thursday at 6:28 p.m.  

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