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Cleary Digital 5 - Making Sure You Get All The Local Channels


(WQOW) - Here's this week's question:   "I've scanned for D.T.V. signals with my converter box, but I think I'm missing some channels.   What can I do?"

Viewers with an indoor antenna that has to be moved or rotated to pick up all of the channels or a roof-top antenna that has to be turned to pick up all of the channels might have this problem.  

I'm going to show you how to add a channel by using a Zenith DTT901 as an example.   We've already done the original channel scan with this converter box, but we had to reposition the antenna to receive a signal from WKBT which we will now add manually.  

The Zenith converter box has a nice feature called "EZ Add".   What it does is research for channels that it may not have already found.   The "EZ Add" feature allows us to add new channels without the risk of losing channels gained in the original scan.   Now WKBT 8-1 and 8-2 are stored in our channel line-up.  

Not all boxes have the "EZ Add" feature, so I will now show you how to do it manually.   This time we'll add WKBT by using manual tuning.   To do that we need to know what digital signal WKBT is transmitting on and surprisingly it's not channel 8, it's 41.     So we select 41, we see we have a good signal and now that channel is stored in our lineup.  

You can do that same for other station in your viewing area by looking at the chart on the left of the page.  Following those 2 steps we now have all of the local channels in our converter box.   Keep this in mind come February, the "EZ Add" feature will come in very handy.  

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