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Managing Your Maze Of Wires


(WQOW) -- The transition to digital TV is fast approaching and some of you may be having problems with all the different sources running into your TV.  In this week's Clearly Digital, we offer an easy solution.

People want to know how to set up their converter box without adding one more cable that adds to the maze that's already behind their TV:   a VCR, a DVD player, their grandson's new video game, your converter box.  So we need a solution to all those wires.

To reduce the cables and connectors, that we have to add or disconnect every time we add a box, we need a new box called a video switch.   You can find a switch at Radio Shack or any major department store, and they cost between $20-$35.   If you have them, use the red, white and yellow RCA cables to connect each source, like our converter box, to the inputs of the switch. 

Now that all of our sources are connected, we have one simple cable that connects to our TV.   Now the switch is hooked up, there's no crawling behind the TV.  You can just switch between the VCR, DVD player, converter box or any other source.  

If your TV doesn't have the red white and yellow rca hook ups, I suggest you get one with a coax input and output (some call it the "cable" cable).     If you connect with a coax cable have your TV set to channel 3.  If you use RCA cables have your tv set to audio/video.  

Email any questions you have on the digital transition here!

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