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Clearly Digital - Coupon Program and Antenna Questions


(WQOW) -- Lots of DTV questions from viewers like you this week, so lets open up the mailbag. 

Michelle has a 2 part questions she asks, "Has the coupon program run out of money?".  You may have heard on January 5th, the amount of money that was appropriated for the coupon program was exhausted under the assumption that all existing coupons would be redeemed. The fact of the matter is, less than 50 percent of the coupons are really being redeemed.  So people that apply now are going on to a waiting list, and they will receive coupons as unredeemed coupons expire. 

Michelle's second question asks, "Will the DTV transition be delayed?".  For reasons related to the coupon program there is some pressure to delay the February 17th date.  Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.  As of 1/13/09, February 17th still stands.

The next questions: "Do I need an HD antenna?  One of my TV's tends to lose the signal and I'm not sure if it's my tv, the antenna, or the station." The first point I have to make is that there is no such thing as an digital antenna.  No matter what it says on the box, an antenna is an antenna.  With that being said, an outdoor antenna will always out perform an indoor antenna. 

Last question:  "Our indoor antenna isn't doing the job, but I don't want to put anything on top of the roof.  Any ideas?" That will be the subject of next weeks Clearly Digital. 

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