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Clearly Digital: Compatibility Issues with Old TV's and other FAQ's


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Back to the mailbag this week, so lets get right to it.  The first letter is from Lynn who has a small under the counter TV and a new converter box, but she's not sure if will work with her TV.  She asks, "Will our TV be obsolete?  If the television does have an external antenna input, you can connect a converter box to the television. In some cases, some of the portable TV's, or in Lynn's case, the Television under the counter, may not have an external antenna input, and that would be a problem.

The next question comes from Phil.  He says "We have a very old set, but it works well.  It has the UHF and VHF screws."  He asks, "Which screws do I use?"  That's an easy one.  The VHF screws.  The converter box puts out a signal on channel 3 which is a VHF channel.

Judy has a question.  She's trying to record programing on channels like 18.2 on her VCR and his having problems.  She asks, "Is this because the VCR doesn't have a digital tuner?"  That's exactly right.  VCR's all have analog tuners.  If you want to record a program other than the one you're currently watching, you will need two converter boxes.  One for the TV, and one for the VCR.

Our last question comes from Jerry.  He asks, "My new converter box came with two sets of cables (coax and RCA).  The red, white and yellow cables (RCA).  Seem to deliver a clearer picture.  Is that normal?  The answer is yes.  RCA cables will always produce a clearer picture and give you better sound quality.  That's it for this week.  I'm Chief Engineer Dave White.

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