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Clearly Digital - Different Types Of Antennas


(WQOW) -- Despite legislation working its way through Washington attempting to delay the digital transition deadline, we need to stay focused on February 17th.   With that in mind, if you have not yet applied for your converter box coupon, you can still do so, but will most likely not receive it by the current February 17th deadline.   If you have your coupon and haven't purchased your converter box yet, it's time to go shopping!

We received a nice email from a viewer the other day with pictures of his roof-top antenna.   He has a Radio Shack 21" Slim-Line antenna.   He says he picks up the five major networks, totaling 10 digital streams.   This round type of antenna is omnidirectional. It picks up stations from every direction so you don't have to point it towards a certain location.  

Weinguard makes a similar model, along with another model called a "Square Shooter".   It is a compact, directional antenna, so it would need to point in the direction of the television tower sending out the television signal.  

The idea is to get away from the traditional rabbit ear style antenna and get some sort of antenna outdoors so you receive the best picture, and most stations available in your area.

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