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UW System interim President Tommy Thompson ‘smashes COVID’ at UWEC

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EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) -- UW System interim President Tommy Thompson visited UW-Eau Claire on Monday to remind students to get their shot -- and reach a 70 percent vaccination rate across the UW System.

Monday's "smash COVID" event is part of the system's 70 for 70 campaign.

As part of the effort, UW System students who receive the vaccine are eligible to win a $7,000 scholarship when their campus reaches the 70 percent vaccination rate.

While the event was aimed at smashing COVID, Thompson is also focused on smashing lawsuits against the COVID protection measures promoted through the university. 

The Republican legislature has passed a bill requiring UW System COVID protocols to be approved by a joint committee.

Thompson rejected the idea and any lawsuits that may come of it while speaking Monday.

"I'm telling the Legislature give us the opportunity, give us the flexibility, we'll build Wisconsin and if the Legislature is going to want to sue us, go at it, but I'm not afraid," Thompson said. "We're solid ground on the policy and on the legal precedence, so I'm not worried about that."

The UW System currently has a range of COVID-19 policies like masking indoors and unvaccinated testing.

As of Monday afternoon, UWEC's COVID dashboard shows a 68 percent vaccination rate among students.