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Chippewa Falls native who spent 27 years in prison teaches students about consequences

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Chippewa Falls (WQOW) – Students in Chippewa Falls learned an important lesson Monday, from someone who knows all too well what can happen if you choose the wrong path in life.

Chippewa Falls native, Brian Cole, shares his message of hope to school and communities across the state, but he hasn’t always been the community rallying type. Cole spent most his life in prison for a variety of drug-related crimes. He told News 18 after all the bad he’s done in the community around him, he’s turned his life around, and uses his experience for good.

“I didn’t grow up as a kid in their position thinking ‘boy, when I grow up I want to spend 27 years in prison, I want to be a drug addict all my life.’ I didn’t have those goals, and nobody does, but after a few bad choices, you know that choice gets taken from you,” Cole said.

School staff hoped this rally would remind students their actions have consequences.

“By really stopping and having a chance to see somebody and be prompted to evaluate the choices they’re making, our hope is that they feel convicted and that they choose a different path,” said Chi-Hi student assistance counselor, Rachel Wallace.

“Have that discussion about choices and where their path is and who they are and what they want to become, and just kind of having those conversations now,” added school social worker, Teresa Wahl.

Cole will also speak to the Chippewa Fall community Tuesday night at 6 p.m. in the Chi-Hi auditorium. Information on the event is posted below: