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Dunn Co. Meals on Wheels needs more volunteers as demand increases

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DUNN COUNTY (WQOW) - For many receiving meals on wheels, they're getting more than dinner, it comes with a friend to check in on them and say hello. Since the pandemic started, the need for these meals has increased in Dunn County and so has the need for volunteers.

"It's basically for people that are in need and not able to get out shopping and are stuck home for the most part," said Bernie Allen, the nutrition coordinator for Dunn County. "We average around 150 meals per day."

"I use my vehicle and load the food into my vehicle and the drive to their house and take each individual's meal out and deliver it to their front door," said volunteer driver Bryan Paur. "It's nice to see the people and how they're doing and what they're doing because sometimes you might be the only one who might see that individual during the week, you might be their only visitor."

"It means the world. I'm grateful for the good food and fellows like Bryan that devote their time for us," said Gary Bailey, a meal recipient.

"Our numbers have been going up certainly since the beginning of the pandemic," Allen said.

"We're always looking for volunteers," Paur said.

"It seems the need for our meals has increased especially in our rural areas, we do our best to cover as much of Dunn County as we can and for some of those individuals they may be quite a few miles away from any town," Allen said.

"Oh it's just fun to see the people," Paur said. "I do it probably once every other month for one week out of that month."

"It's really one of those things where you feel good at the end of the day where you've helped out people in the county," Allen said.

At the beginning of 2020, meals on wheels of Dunn County was delivering about 90 meals a day. Now, they're at 150.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can call the Dunn County Aging and Disability Resource Center at (715) 232-4006