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Incumbents see a drop in approval, favorability, new Marquette Law School poll says

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(WQOW) - Constituents in Wisconsin may be more inclined to put some fresh faces in office in Madison and Washington next year, according to the latest numbers coming out of the Marquette Law School poll.

This most recent survey looks at state politics one year before the 2022 elections for governor and an open U.S. Senate seat.

Democratic governor Tony Evers has a 45% approval rating, and a 46% disapproval rating. 40% of respondents said they would vote to reelect Evers.

38% of respondents said they would vote to reelect Republican Senator Ron Johnson who has not yet announced whether he will run for re-election. Notably, 22% of responders said they do not know enough or have an opinion.

Poll director Charles Franklin said it is remarkable that in the same set of respondents, these incumbents on opposite sides of the aisle still both received 40% or less of a theoretical reelection vote.

"Normally you would think that one party would do well, and the other would do poorly," Franklin said. "But I think this reflects that this is a challenging political environment for politicians generally, and for incumbents specifically, in which there are a lot of folks strongly opposed to the incumbents. The baseline support, the people enthusiastic about supporting Evers or Johnson, is well below 50% right now."

As for our other senator, Tammy Baldwin, whose seat is not up for a vote next November, voter's are split nearly down the middle on how well they view her. Baldwin is viewed favorably by 38% and unfavorably by 39%. Similar to Johnson, 22% of respondents did not offer an opinion on Baldwin.

But overall, 41% of respondents said the state is headed in the right direction, and 51% said the state is off on the wrong track.

The poll's reported margin of error was 3.9%.

To learn more on the results of this poll, click or tap here. 

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