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Sen. Baldwin Talks Trimmed Down Build Back Better Budget

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WISCONSIN (WQOW) - The Build Back Better framework has taken a re-route to its final stages.

Proposed with an original $3.5 trillion price tag, the White House rolled out a revamped budget of $1.75 trillion over a decade.

Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin) said there's still negotiations to be had.

The trimmed-down framework still aims to combat climate change, while lowering costs for working families in child care programs, housing and health-care.

Build Back Better also extends the child tax credit into 2022.

According to Baldwin, discussion is waning towards pharmaceutical products and whether democrats can rescue a provision that could allow Medicare to negotiate with companies to lower costs.

Medicare is currently prohibited by law for negotiations. 

Paid family and medical leave was scaled down from 12 weeks paid to four, and was eventually cut out altogether.

"Every industrialized country has some sort of paid family and medical leave. We're behind," Baldwin said. "When you have to take time off because a loved one is dependent upon you and needs your care, and that's not compensated, you're less likely to have that loyalty to your employer and frankly, oftentimes it results in job loss."

Baldwin also said the loss of two free years of community college is a 'disappointment' and a 'failure,' mainly, because she believes every barrier should be removed to receiving technical training.

"We endured months and months of extreme shortages. We don't make enough microchips in the United States. We saw the ripple effects of that. Those jobs require highly skilled workers and I want to remove any barrier to people I getting those skills and being able to improve their salaries, their wages and work in this 21st Century advanced economy," Baldwin said. 

Despite the drop in costs, new provisions and scope of the Build Back Better Budget, Democrats are trying to push the plan through a process called reconciliation.

The reconciliation process would permit the budget to clear the Senate with only Democratic support.

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