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Health officials warn against making baby formula at home

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Baby formula

WISCONSIN, (WAOW) -- Recipes for homemade baby formula have circulated on social media, but health officials have stated in this case, homemade is not the best way. 

Watering down formula or making it at home can put an infant's health in danger, with many of the online recipes originating from the 1950's and 60's. 

They don't account for what a baby's body may or may not be able to process.

Ingredients like evaporated milk, corn syrup, and even water can all cause problems, simply because baby's bodies are not equipped to handle or tolerate them.

"Those are all things that can be really dangerous to an infant's underdeveloped git which is not able to process those, we have seen that result in infant hospitalization and even death, because they cannot process those things like ours are." said Camila Martin, Pediatric Nutritionist at UW Health. 

The same applies to giving infants substitutes like goats or soy milk, or even watering down formula. 

An excess of water in an infant's body can lead to some serious complications.

"As adults, if we have a day where we're a little bit overhydrated or underhydrated we have a system set in place so our body's still safe, infants don't have the ability to do that, so having an extra volume of water for them can be extremely dangerous." said Martin.

She said goat, soy, or even whole milk should only be considered for babies 12 months of age or older. 

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