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Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts

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rittenhouse not guilty

KENOSHA, Wis. (WQOW) - After more than 24 hours of deliberation, a jury has found Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murdering Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum, and attempting to murder Gaige Grosskreutz, during the unrest in Kenosha following the police shooting of Jacob Blake in 2020.

The 12 jurors who ultimately decided Rittenhouse's fate determined he was not guilty of all charges, which were 1st degree intentional homicide, 1st degree reckless homicide, 1st degree attempted intentional homicide, and two counts of 1st degree reckless endangering of safety. 

Rittenhouse had pleaded not guilty to all charges, maintaining he was acting in self defense when he opened fire.

Monday, Judge Schroeder dismissed the charge of being a minor in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Huber was seen on video swinging a skateboard at Rittenhouse. During the trial, prosecutors argued Rittenhouse pointed his gun at Huber and intended to kill him.

Grosskreutz approached Rittenhouse after he shot Huber. Grosskreutz had a gun in his hand and lowered it before Rittenhouse fired the shot that wounded him; Rittenhouse's lawyers argue it was reasonable to fear Grosskreutz was pointing the gun at the teen while the prosecution says the concern was unfounded. Grosskreutz testified Rittenhouse did not shoot him until after he pointed his gun.

If Rittenhouse had been found guilty of the most serious charges, he faced life in prison. 

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