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Why do road buckles happen and what to do if you hit one

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CHIPPEWA VALLEY (WQOW) - It can happen in an instant. One moment you are driving down a perfectly safe road. The next, large chunks of concrete can buckle up into your path.

Several major roads have had buckling issues recently. WisDOT pavement engineer Devin Harings said road joints are built to allow for expansion and contraction, but on the hottest days, they sometimes run out of room to expand causing a dangerous upheaval of concrete.

"Treat it like other hazards where if you can, slow down, leave some space between you and other vehicles. It allows you to react, and gives that time to adjust," Harings said. "The first thing I would do is slow down, try not to drive over them and try to get in the other lane."

He said not to try and drive over a buckled road in order to leave the area. It's best to be patient as authorities arrive to get you back on your way in a safe manner.

Lastly, he encourages drivers who hit one to pull over and call 911 immediately. Any buckling large enough to give your car a good jolt could cause a serious accident.


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