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‘World no Tobacco Day’ urges smokers to give it up

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MADISON (WKOW)-- Monday is "World no Tobacco Day" and for those who are smokers, doctors suggest they start thinking about how smoking impacts their life.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said smoking accounts for a quarter of heart disease in the United States.

Dr. Jasdeep Sidhu, a Cardiologist with SSM Health said even if people consider themselves a "Casual Smoker" smoking can still impact your body.

"It damages the blood vessels and you end up having more cholesterol deposit in your blood vessels and the cholesterol that you deposit becomes more unstable," Dr. Sidhu said. "So there's less a bigger chance that it will cause a heart attack."

When people quit smoking, Dr. Sidhu also said the risk of having a major heart attack goes down by fifty percent for some.

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