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You Ask, We Answer: Is it safe to pump gas the same time a tanker is filling?

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EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) - On this edition of 'You Ask, We Answer' Laura asked, 'Is it bad to get gas when the underground tanks are being filled at a gas station?' Today we found out the answer.

A long standing belief is that when gas tankers are filling pumps, you're not supposed to get gas. The concern being that when you pump your gas while the tanker is being filled, sediment particles go into your car and damage the engine.

General manager of Eau Claire Ford, Mike Newton, said you're free to go to the pump and fuel your vehicle, thanks to modern mechanics.

A suggestion that hasn't been necessary for so long, in fact, that a local car mechanic can't recall a time their services have been needed in such a case.

"I've never actually heard of that being bad at modern gas stations, I do know, I spoke to a couple of my technicians, that it used to be a recommendation for farmers that had their own tanks on site, when they filled up, to let the sediment settle before they filled their equipment up for it," Newton said. 

Newton said filtration processes now make it safe: Before the gas makes its way to the station, it's filtered at a refinery, filtered again before it enters the tanker, and is then filtered a third time when it comes through the gas pump at the gas station.

Newton also said cars made in the last few decades have filtration systems in them as well.

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