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You Ask, We Answer: Where did the Chippewa Valley get its name?

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(WQOW) - Several viewers have asked how our come to be known as the Chippewa Valley. Turns out, the name dates back to at least the 1800s!

Officials with the Chippewa Valley Museum said the name has been around for centuries as a breakdown from Native language, to French and eventually, to American English.

"Because it was the Chippewa Valley then, it just kind of colloquially kept its name even though economically we're no longer tied to the logging system," said Carrie Ronnander, director of the Chippewa Valley Museum.

And why the Chippewa River, instead of the Eau Claire? It has to do with regional transport of the Chippewa River watershed; because the Chippewa River is larger by depth, width and length, it was most effective in connecting this region to the south.

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