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You Ask, We Answer: Is the city going to salt the side streets?

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Eau Claire Winter Side Street

EAU CLAIRE (WQOW) - Is the city of Eau Claire going to salt the side roads? That's what Calvin, and many in the City of Clear Water are wondering.

The Street and Fleet crew has salted the main roads over the last month and a half, but when it comes to the side roads and residential areas, they do not plan to do so.

Street and Fleet manager Aaron Nicholson said the city is not salting residential areas because of finances and the environmental impact. Salt costs $95 per ton, versus sand at 75 cents per ton. Nicholson said it would cost more than half a million dollars every year to salt every street in the city.

He added extra salting would negatively impact our lakes and rivers with runoff.

Nicholson said he understands the side streets are difficult to travel on right now, but a grader has been out daily to scrape down the snowpack, and they have sanded every residential street at least once.

"All our plow trucks, the type of plow they have, they just float at the top. They don't really have the ability to just cut in and scrape that snow off. We have some loaders and graders that do better at that, but with the ice, it's very tough on equipment versus if it was just snowpack," Nicholson said. "We're kind of limited in our options. We just really need the weather to change."

Nicholson hopes we have a couple days of temps above freezing. That way, crews can at least plow a little more of the side roads.

If you like to respectfully request your road to be sanded again, you can call the streets department at 715-839-4963. 

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