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Eau Claire had both a wind chill AND a heat index value in same day

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It's that time of the year when temperatures can rise 30 degrees from the morning low to afternoon high. For Eau Claire, the morning low of 47 was just three degrees above average, but the afternoon high was about ten above! Furthermore, there were both a wind chill and a heat index value today.

That's right, even though neither value strayed too far from the measured temperature, there were wind chills this morning a degree or two below the air temperature, and similarly this afternoon had a heat index a degree or two above the air temperature!

Wind chills occur when the temperature is at or below 50 and there is a wind of at least 3 mph. The heat index comes into play when temps are warm and there is at least a bit of humidity in the air. While dew points remained comfortable, they did rise into the 50s, which at that level was enough to add a degree to the air temp to account for what it feels like once the temperature hit 77 degrees.

Eau Claire had both a wind chill AND a heat index value in same day

While dew points will stay steady or even drop a bit overnight allowing for temps to fall comfortably into the low 50s, they will rise tomorrow to the low 60s. That will feel humid and will likely make it feel a couple degrees warmer than the afternoon highs that will top out near or above 80.

Humidity lingers into Thursday before a weak low pressure system slowly moves through the Upper Midwest. Scattered showers and possibly even some thunder are possible starting Friday and lasting through the weekend, but at this time rain does not look to be widespread.

For the most part, there will be dry time each day with a few waves of showers, so as of Tuesday evening's forecast consider chances each day to be in the slight category, but we'll likely be able to key in on certain timeframes where rain will become likely once that system gets a bit closer towards the end of this work week.

Temperatures begin to fall as cloud cover increases this weekend, but lows actually remain warmer though still mild. Cooler air arrives early next week as slight rain chances continue.

Eau Claire had both a wind chill AND a heat index value in same day

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